Ultra-High Entropy Pseudo-Random Number Generator (UHEPRNG)

The jQuery Plugin that allows you to quickly generate... well... Ultra High Entropy Pseduo Random Numbers.

The clue's in the title.

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$(this).uheprnGen(options); Returns: Random Numbers


By passing a range & count as options (or leaving it blank will use the defaults of 10000 & 10000) to the uheprnGen plugin you will get a block of Psuedo Random Numbers back.


var options = { range: 10001, count: 10001 };
var x =  $(this).uheprngGen(options); $("#output").html(x);

So you can set the range and the count for generator, or leave them blank. In this example I set them both to 10001 and set the #output html to be the PRN generated.

Proper Example

Hold on, this looks just like the GRC UHE PRNG!

You are right, it is. Well it's a wrapper for the JS created by Steve Gibson over at GRC. I'm a huge fan of Steve's - if you haven't had a listen to Security Now, then I suggest that you do!